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        • Name of commodity: Sodium alginate (food grade)
        • Commodity Numbers: 15
        • Shelves time: 2011-01-29
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        Sodium alginate
        Chemical structure
        Main application
        (1) Food Industry
        1. Pasta
        Sodium alginate, as additive of fine dried noodles, can play a similar role in increasing gluten in flour. It can improve the cohesive force of noodle organization, reduce breakage rate and wetted flour, improve the good quality rate, and also inhibit the noodle acid. After application of sodium alginate, the noodles are not sticky, not glued to the soup, able to endure long time boiling, and refreshing.
        With sodium alginate as additive, the bread is characterized by high volume expansion, delicate organization, bright color, flexibility, difficulty in dregs, good resistance to dryness, and long storage.
        Sodium alginate can also be used as cake emulsifier, as filling for dessert instead of pectin and agar, and also for producing high-end health foods with good efficacy, such as sodium alginate soft sweets.
        The pliable bean starch noodles often take sodium alginate as additive in the production process.
        2. Cold Food
        Rather than the traditional agar, gelatin and starch, when sodium alginate is used as ice cream stabilizer, it can get unique properties and high efficiency, and the ice cream has small residues, fine cream body and good taste. Under the same conditions, the resistance to thawing is two folds increased.
        3. Beverages
        Sodium alginate and propylene glycol alginate has been used as beer stabilizer for many years.
        4. Simulated Food
        Salted jellyfish, with sodium alginate as the main raw material, has the crisp flavor of natural jellyfish, and is also very convenient to eat, and cheap. It can be served cold (preferred) or cooked. Artificial grape, fruit and cherry are also bionic food with sodium alginate as raw material, and their shape, color and flavor are exactly like the natural fruits.
        5. Healthcare Food with Curative Effect
        Sodium alginate can be used to prepare high-end food with efficacy other than alginate soft sweets.
         (2) Pharmaceutical Industry
        PS-type gastrointestinal double-radiography barium sulfate preparation, made by sodium alginate sulfate dispersant, is characterized by low viscosity, fine particle size, good pavementing, and stable performance.
        PSS is a kind of polysaccharide sulphate with alginate as raw material, with the effects of anticoagulation, antiatheroscloresis, and blood clotting reduction.
        In replace of rubber and plaster, sodium alginate is used for dental impression, realizing cheap cost, simple operation, and more accurate tooth profile. Sodium alginate can also be used to produce a variety of hemostatic agents, including hemostatic sponge, gauze to stop bleeding, hemostatic film, scald gauze, and spray hemostatic agent.
        Physiochemical Indicators
        Export Domestic Marketing
        Industrial grade Food grade
        Quality Standards According to user requirements SC/T 3401-2008   GB1976-2008
        Appearance Light yellow Tan Light yellow
        Granularity 100%, 40 mesh  100%,30 mesh 100%, 40 mesh
        Viscosity (mpa.s) Low
        Above 400
        Moisture % 14 14 15
        PH value 6.0-7.0 6.0-7.0 6.0-7.5
        Ca % 0.30 0.30 0.30
        Insoluble matter %   0.3 0.3
        Ash % 21-24    
        Sulfate Ash %     30-35
        Heavy metal (pb) %     ≤0.004
        Lead (pb) %     ≤0.0004
        Arsenic (As) %     ≤0.0002

        Product Name


        Domestic marketing

        Industrial grade Food grade
        Sodium alginate 25kg / composite plastic woven bag 25kg / composite plastic woven bag a. 25kg composite plastic woven bag
        b. 20kg / carton

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