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        • Name of commodity: Konjac Gum
        • Commodity Numbers: 05
        • Shelves time: 2011-04-20
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        Konjac Gum
        Product Description
        Konjac gum is the natural hydrocolloid with high purity through alcohol purification of the konjac fine flour extracted from the tubers of the alpine plant - fresh konjac.
        ●Its main ingredient is glucomannan (KGM) and the dry basis accounts for over 80%. It is featured by white color, uniform and fine particles, high viscosity, uniform and stable aqueous solutions, and no specific odor of konjac.
        ● And it has the features of high viscosity, fine particle, quick dissolution, more than 100 times the expansion coefficient, high stability, and no smell.
        ● Konjac gum is applied as stabilizer, suspending agent, thickener, emulsifier, and quality improver in European and American food industry (meat, canned products, and flour products).
        ● In China and Japan, it is used for delicious food and jelly, and also have important uses in medicine, light industry, chemical industry, textile, tobacco, oil and cosmetics.
        ● Konjac gum is complementary to compound with other gum, producing the best viscoelastic effects. Such formulated konjac gum is more enhanced in gel strength and stability of carrageenan and xanthan gum, reaching quality improvement and cost reduction.
        Storage and Packaging
        Storage: Stored in dry, dampproof, and dark warehouse. Appropriate storage temperature is below 25℃, relative humidity below 65%, and reserve period not less than 1 year.
        Packaging: Plastic bag inside and compound bag outside of woven bag and dampproof paper.
        Net weight: 20kg/bag (box).
        Physiochemical Indicators
        Product type Granularity
        Moisture (%) Viscosity
        Sulfur dioxide (g/kg) Appearance Remarks
        CKAA1220  120-200 ≤10 ≥36000 ≥80 ≤0.5 White powder Arsenic and lead in line with konjac flour industrial standard NY/T494
        CKAA1220(G)  120-200 ≤10 ≥36000 ≥80 ≤0.5
        CKAA2030 200-300 ≤10 ≥36000 ≥80 ≤0.5
        CMK1220 120-200 ≤10 ≥16000 ≥70 ≤0.5
        CMK1220(G) 120-200  ≤10 ≥15000 ≥70 ≤0.5
        KAMJ1220 120-200 ≤10 ≥8000 ≥73 ≤0.5
        CKAB1220 120-200 ≤10  ≥32000 ≥80  ≤0.5
        CKBB1220 120-200 ≤10 ≥25000 ≥75  ≤0.5

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