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        • Name of commodity: Agar
        • Commodity Numbers: 07
        • Shelves time: 2011-04-20
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        Product Description
        Agar, polysaccharide extracted from seaweed, is one of the world’s most versatile seaweed gels. It is widely used in many fields such as food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemicals, and biological engineering:
        ² As gelling agent and stabilizer of candy, jelly, cakes, canned food, ham, sausage, etc. ;
        ² As thickener and stabilizer of jam, peanut butter, sesame, etc. ;
        ²As stabilizer of ice cream and other cold food;
        ² As staging suspension and stabilizer of a variety of juices and beverages; ² For significantly changing the food quality and improving food quality.
        Agar, as a marine natural polyose matter, is rich in abundant water-soluble food fiber, low in calorie, and has detoxification, skin care, lowering blood glucose and blood pressure, and promoting digestion. Thus it is widely accepted. In addition, agar is generally used as bacteria culture medium and micro-organism carrier in the medical, agricultural and biological engineering, and made into agarose and used in clinical diagnosis, biochemistry, microbiology, immunological analytical and research applications.
        Product type Granularity (%) (below 80 mesh) Moisture (%) Hydrogel strength (g/cm2)  Starch Suction force Lead
        (Pb) (mg / kg)
         AG101  ≥95 ≤12  ≥900   Qualified  Meeting the requirements  ≤0.004   ≤0.0001 Yellow or almost white powder
         AG102  ≥95 ≤12   ≥800   Qualified  Meeting the requirements   ≤0.004  ≤0.0001
         AG103  ≥95  ≤12  ≥700       ≤0.004  ≤0.0001

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