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compound stable gel(fondant powder. jelly powder)
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compound stable gel(fondant powder. jelly powder)

Product description


Model jelly powder GA, spping jlly powder KX, high transparency jely powder GAA, fondant powderTK1, Acidresistant fondant SA, pudding powder, fruit and vegetable cake powder, etc.
gel fods such as jell,ly pudding, fondant, fruit and vegetable cake, jam, etc.
Jelly: high transparency, moderate gel strength, good gloss, strong water holding, delicate andsmooth taste.
Sipping elly: smooth and cool taste, plump, good flavor release
Pudding: egg pudding, milk pudding, caramel pudding, fruit pudding, etc., delicate, smooth, softand tender
Fondant: flexible, glossy, smooth taste, non-sticky teeth, non-greasy even taking moreFruit and vegetable cake: good fomm, good flavor release, delicate and smooth tasteJam: acid- resistant, salt- -resistant, stable, delicate, refreshing and non- sticky teeth


Production direction for referencefor

example:need materials (kg ) to produce one ton elly


Jelly powder 7-10
Sugar 20-25
Essence/Preservative/Colourig matter
Appropriate amount
Citric acid 1-2
Sodium citrate 1
Add the water to


Technic points
1. Mix jelly powder. sugar and preservative evenly into the cold water, (continue
stiring).And heat up until the temperature reaches above 90C, keep thistemperature and stir for 10 minutes, then filter with 100 mesh cloth.
2. Reduce the temperature to be at85C after filtering, and mix the malic acid. citric
acid and sodium citrate (dissolved by a hot water together).And then add properquantity of flavor . coloring matter (dissolved by a hot water at40-60C )Fillingand sealing.
3. Pasteurize for 15 minutes after filling and sealing.4. Cool it off after pasteurization.

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