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Algae become fuel, "green weapons " is not a dream

Algae become fuel, "green weapons " is not a dream

  Environmental protection in the humanitarian appeal and thought under the pressure of an "Green Storm" is being "attacked" the U.S. military. 10 at the end of 2010, located in Norfolk, Virginia naval base in the use of seaweed extract from the fuel driving the success of a 14.9 meters long gunboats. This is known as the U.S. military in the construction of "green combat power" a milestone in the process.  

  In fact, the use of algae oil refinery had not "kept in purdah did not know," the technology. 30 years ago, the United States had supported the Carter administration launched a program to algae oil refining. Allegedly, the growth of algae environment is very simple, as long as the sun can be supplemented with the growth of sea water, or even survive in wastewater and sewage; its short growth cycle, from growth to the oil-producing only about two weeks time, compared to the first generation months required for biofuel crops is very cost-effective; its oil production is also very impressive, such as planting 2000-4000 million acres of algae to produce bio-crude oil volume and the number of current U.S. crude oil imports considerable. In addition a large number of marine algae and other algae can absorb the carbon emissions the process of cultivation of oil double benefit.

  Furthermore, the weapons the U.S. military to make the future more "sustainable" and "greener", is strongly promoting the use of aircraft fuel made of soybean oil, use solar energy in the combat zone, the development of small hydrogen-powered vehicles and other environmental protection measures. U.S. Navy also plans to set up the first branch in 2012, the "green combat power" program consists of 10 warships, submarines and a number of aircraft, all of the use of biofuels and nuclear energy. Air Force aircraft have been trying to use the traditional mixture of fuel and camelina; Marine Corps recently sent to Afghanistan, a company is also equipped with a portable solar panel and charger.

  Of course, due to production technology, cost and other factors, the "green weapons" of mass production and mass use of many problems still exist. For example, the development of low energy density of bio-fuels, food consumed in large quantities. It is calculated that each acre of soybeans into bio-fuels is not enough, "Super Hornet" fighters required to complete a take-off fuel consumption. It's easy to make people very vulnerable to the world food security issues to worry.