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Hass Fort seaweed fiber Legend

Hass Fort seaweed fiber Legend

  CHIC2011 high popularity to activity site attracted a lot of media attention and industry audience. East China University of Art and Design Clothing LUO Yi Hua, secretary and chairman Ma Xueqiang Fort Hisilicon signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Zibo Municipal Committee, Party Secretary Chen Yong and Zhao Ziqi Huantai together Hass Fort "Famous Chinese Trademark" opening. China Textile Industry Association vice president Zhang Li, Ji-Chao Yang, the Secretary-General and the leadership of Zibo City, Shandong Province, witnessed this memorable moment.

  As from Huantai County, Zibo City, Shandong Province, to the country, to the world of the domestic brands, Hass not only inherited the Fort open homogeneous culture, tolerance, innovation and thinking characteristics of local conditions; and heritage of the Shandong Peninsula in the marine culture, marine blue culture but also for women's design gives Hisilicon Fort vast spiritual content.

  It is worth mentioning that the high hopes of the fabric Fort Hisilicon material, is known as following the bio-based fiber and petroleum based fibers, the open source world's third new type of seaweed textile fibers. "Environmentally friendly clothing is reflected in two aspects: one is the clothing itself, through the application of environmentally friendly fabrics, promote low carbon green, safe and healthy life style, giving consumers a green, high quality clothing experience; the other is the social significance and industry driven by non-polluting, biodegradable fabric of continuity, the scale of sexual selection to drive the green upgrade the textile industry. Obviously, the latter is more meaningful. "Maxue Jiang told reporters," and the traditional land fibers, synthetic fibers compared to seaweed fibers can save land, cleaning up the environment, the production process is completely low-carbon, green, with a biodegradable, renewable, non-polluting and so on. and the Shandong Peninsula, seaweed production region, with excellent location and technological advantages. Once the seaweed fiber scale applications, will bring immeasurable value and significance of the industry. "

  Fort Hisilicon proceed from upstream, with high-grade, environmentally friendly fabric caliper strict barrier, greatly enhancing the brand content, expand the brand's green space. High-grade hemp, eco-cotton, corn fiber, aloe fiber, pearl fiber, bamboo fiber ... ... these are the other clothing brands are trying to introduce a new type of green textile materials, production line in Fort Hass has been used too much at home: what kind of fibers What kind of features, fit and what kind of fiber mix, in the wearing course of what kind of performance change, sort of common sense in R & D design team in Fort Hisilicon already overripe in mind. They will brand marketing centers are set up in Qingdao brand; design center in Shanghai; in France, the United States, South Korea, and China's Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities to set up information centers; paid from South Korea to hire design and marketing team.

  Zibo is a famous traditional textile industry base, yarn-dyed, cotton, wool, denim, silk, jacquard fabric weaving, dyeing and other enterprises readily available, the level of ranking the international leader in a few, there are few companies involved in women's industry. Brand head Ma Xueqiang tailored for the Hass Fort responsibility and vision, is forging the city of Zibo City, the first high-end women's casual fashion brand, and further growth of China famous brand, international brand.